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Dream items

Posted on 2010.07.11 at 20:04
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some of the things i wish to own.

RHS for trade/sell

Posted on 2010.06.27 at 23:01
im selling/trading my RHS. i love them but its about time they find a new owner.

Dents are from being in with my other shoes. they are gone when you wear them.

sides have some dirt on them. i have not cleaned them but im sure they can be cleaned.

bottoms still have tread on them but are just dirty from walking in the Arizona desert garden.

damages are there since they are fake leather but can be hidden with shoe polish.

I also have some other things im trying to get rid of


got this second hand. never worn it my self since i got another bolero that works better then this.
i will sell this for 15 USD shipped within the U.S 20 for international ( its expensive to ship international)

this is used but in great condition. its a crochet bolero that clasps at the top. the image does it no justice. if you want a picture of it worn please ask.
i will sell this for 20 USD shipped and 25 for international.

this is new with tags. never worn and never tried on.  i will ship this for 15USD within the U.S. and 20 international.

this is a prototype skirt to see if the pattern worked. and it did so i have this skirt laying around. i have many many skirts like it with more finished edges. this one doesnt have finished edges. the skirt is pretty short.

edges not hemmed.

fabric print. this is not from the skirt this is from the bolt of the fabric i made the skirt from


I got this a long time ago and have worn it like once or twice. its made of PVC and is very VERY strong holding. i would like to trade it for another corset or sell it for 120 USD shipped within the u.s. 125 international.

this is very old. got it like 5 or 6 years ago. its very very worn and is fading and has some tears in it.
damages and measurements.

the dress in total from top to bottom is 27 inches long

about one inch and not too noticeable.
i would sell this for 20 shipped within the U.S 25 international.

im wanting to trade my moitie blouse for something else moitie. i would really like to get the cathedral print on something but ill look at any thing.

its been worn a few times but its got no stains, flaws, or tears on it. i got it second hand and personally have treated it with the utmost love and care. this is my favorite blouse and it was my dream blouse and im really only wanting to trade it for my dream dress

I will look at any thing tho.

DS! home made skirt.

Posted on 2010.05.13 at 17:37
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home made skirtCollapse )

Yay for new accounts.

Posted on 2010.05.10 at 13:41
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So I made a new account. I was being stalked by some creepy person on my old one so I made a new one. I will not be active as usual but I do check it often. It's rather nice to have a whole new place to start.