2017 wardrobe post


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Through out the years of being in Lolita, I have never made one. Just collected and sold over and over. This year I mustered up the courage to make one. Although not perfect, it was a good way to catalogue my closet when I moved it to a new wardrobe.

Onto the closet.


Custom made taobao brand (Cinderella) jacket.


Bodyline Love Nadia in sax.

Instamori nameless poem in black

Fox feathers death angel in black.

(Left) Moi-meme-Moitie harpischord trio long op.
(Right) Moi-meme-Moitie cathedral op.

Atelier Pierrot Silent Night op

Alice and the Pirates Rosy Nights masquerade JSK I (left) and jsk II (right)

Alice and the Pirates funeral procession (left) and Belle Fleur (right)

Alice and the Pirates dreaming little sailor

Baby the Stars Shine Bright little royal icing


Alice and the Pirates rosy nights masquerade skirt.

Metamorphose 2015 spring lucky pack skirt.

Bodyline skirt. (I know it's crooked)

Victorian Maiden beige underskirt.


Baby the Stars Shine Bright garden ribbon blouse

(Left) Moi-meme-Moitie round collar blouse
(Right) Moi-meme-Moitie metal emblem blouse.


Metamorphose spring 2015 lucky pack blouse


(Top) Baby the Stars Shine Bright classic rectangular headress
(Middle) Innocent world Miranda headress
(Bottom) innocent world 2002 (?) headress

(Left) BabyTSSB black head eating bow
(Top) Alice and the Pirates rosier noble grosgrain ribbon
(Right) BabyTSSB Erie grosgrain ribbon

(Left) Alice and the Pirates round ribbon headress
(Right) Fan plus friend mid summer nights dream

Sweet dreamer veiled cross headress

Alice and the Pirates grosgrain rose headress

Fan plus friend rose headress

Off brand antique gold crown(made by someone else)


Grimore stained glass tights.


Bodyline Navy ribbon shoes

Queen bee Lumi-heels

Off brand (Amazon) t-strap heels

Angelic imprint cross flat platform shoes.

Thanks for reading. See you all next year and stay frill not salty.